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Surprise your guests with an unforgettable atmosphere and state-of-the-art technology.



functional design.

From access control to the control of lighting, window blinds, room temperature - and all this with intuitive glass system panels.

Control with simple wall switches

Get to know the simple yet fully-configurable control of building automation functions by means of regular wall switches with the possibility of reconfiguring their functions at any time of facility use.



Aby zarządzanie inteligentnym
budynkiem było
łatwe i przyjemne.

Szklane panele sensorowe pozwolą Ci nie tylko sterować oświetleniem, przysłonami okiennymi, ogrzewaniem, bramami czy sprzętem AV, ale też zapewnią elegancki i niepowtarzalny wygląd twojego wnętrza.

Functions of glass system panels

Glass sensor buttons allow you to control your space with a gentle touch.

Built-in temperature measurement sensor enables control of the heating system.

Group and individual control of the illumination of each button provides intuitive operation of the device.

Possibility of entering any graphics and button description allows for individual adjustment of the control interface. 

Open control protocol

To easily combine your favourite control system with KOHER building automation components. Create a place to remember by customising the space around you - at the touch of a button or with a flexible building management system.

Turn your phone or tablet

into the best remote control

Control lighting, roller blinds, entrance and garage doors, and heating or air conditioning with the KOHER system application.

Imagine sitting comfortably on the couch and controlling your TV or home cinema, managing the individual comfort of your rooms, influencing the setting of window blinds, controlling the light intensity and colour - all from a phone or tablet you know so well.


Control the equipment in your room, flat, house, or entire building.

Full control
at your fingertips.

Adjust the control system to your own rhythm and lifestyle.

BMS Building Management System

Learn about an effective form of optimising building maintenance costs. BMS is a centralised system for management of property, comfort, lighting, and security. We give you a convenient tool to manage your property on your own, without the participation of external specialists.

KOHER BMS is an open
system that supports
integration of different protocols

The solution integrates various technologies, subsystems, and devices installed at the facility into one coherent organism.