Imagine your home

taking your duties over for you

Home is a place
where we come back to rest

Imagine the comfort of controlling the entire house with one device. 


An intuitive panel to manage the entire system that can be personalised to your individual needs, or a control application on your smartphone, which is always at hand.

KOHER SMART HOME is an ideal solution for those who value their time and comfort.

Imagine you come back home, tired after a whole day's work, and your house takes over for you.

At the push of a button, the gate and the front door open, the ideal temperature greets you from your threshold, the light turns on at the sight of you, the blinds in the living room open, and in the background, you can hear delicate music drifting out from the speakers...

What makes us feel 

so welcome at home?

Each element of our interface can be configured according to your needs. Perhaps you would like to control the intensity of light in your home, or program light scenes suitable for your various activities.


Everything in your hands

Wiemy We know how important safety is to you, and that

you would like your alarm to always be on whenever you leave home.

It is very simple. We will take care of it for you. 



Thanks to the phone app, you can open the door to your garage remotely with one button.


Manage the room temperature from any place, at any time.


Create the conditions just as you like them, adapt the air conditioning to the weather outside

Entrance gate

Open the entrance gate to your property freely from the comfort of your car seat.

Roller blinds

Expose and cover external and internal blinds and window covers from your smartphone, tablet, or touch panel.


Manage traditional lighting throughout the hotel. You can set up your own lighting scenes that will be most comfortable for you.

RGB lighting

With the KOHER system, you can also control RGB LED architecture lighting.

Audio and video

Set up a convenient sound and video system throughout the facility. Feel how pleasant remote control can be.


Set your lawn to be irrigated at any time and enjoy the time for yourself.

Technology that
gives you time for yourself.