Gain more time

to grow your business.

Good organisation
is the basis for success.

With KOHER Business management you will have more time to develop your business. 


Access, lighting, temperature, and the building's roller shutters can all be controlled by one small device.

When you enter your place of work, you already know how many tasks await you.

Sometimes, the number of duties can be overwhelming, and it can seem impossible to fulfil them all in one day. For that reason,it is important that someone can take over at least some of your duties. Our system can do this.


Manage your office from a tablet, smartphone, or sensor panel on the wall in your office.


See how many things our system

can control for you


Access control

Open the door with a smartphone, tablet, or one of our touch panels.


Manage room temperature from anywhere, at any time.


Create the conditions just as you like them, adapt the air conditioning to the weather outside.

Entrance gate

Open the entrance gate to your property freely from the comfort of your car seat.

Roller shutters

Open and close external and internal blinds and window covers from your smartphone, tablet, or touch panel.


Manage traditional lighting throughout the hotel. You can set up your own lighting scenes that will be most comfortable for you.

RGB lighting

With the KOHER system you can also control RGB LED architecture lighting.


Set up a convenient sound and video system throughout the facility. Feel how pleasant remote control can be.

Time for change.

Individual management of conference rooms together with advanced supervision of multimedia systems introduces many more possibilities for creating appropriate scenes and programming relationships between different technologies.


Pure  profit

Thanks to our system, your office will be a safe place and you will be able to enjoy lower costs through optimization of your company's operations.


to więcej czasu na rozwój Twojej firmy.