Comfort is the most important 
thing in a modern hotel.

Technology that ensures
the highest quality of your services.

Surprise your guests with an unforgettable atmosphere and state-of-the-art technology.


From access control to the control of lighting, window blinds, room temperature - and all this with intuitive glass system panels.



Create an environment to remember by customising the space around you 

with the touch of a button or a flexible building management system.

Warm welcome

Let the KOHER system prepare the optimum comfort for your guests immediately after check-in. When they open the door with the smartphone app, the room will welcome them with cosy lighting, atmospheric music, and the ideal temperature.


What else does the KOHER system control?


Access control

Open the door with a smartphone, tablet, or one of our touch panels.


Manage room temperature from anywhere, at any time.


Create the conditions just as you like them, adapt the air conditioning to the weather outside.

SPA zone

Thanks to our system, you can also manage your spa zone, sauna ,or swimming pool. Enjoy the comfort with your guests.

Roller shutters

Open and close external and internal blinds and window covers from your smartphone, tablet, or touch panel.


Manage traditional lighting throughout the hotel. You can set up your own lighting scenes that will be most comfortable for you.

RGB lighting

With the KOHER system you can also control RGB LED architecture lighting.

Audio and video

Set up a convenient sound and video system throughout the facility. Feel how pleasant remote control is.

Entrance gate

Open the entrance gate to your hotel freely from the comfort of your car seat.

Feel the exceptional comfort

of the hotel in the SMART version

Luxury sets our

If you want to provide your guests with maximum luxury and spoil

them with innovative technologies, you can impress them with

control functions such as "Do not disturb" and "Clean my room".

Show how simple and intuitive it can be to control lights, blinds,

or temperature. Give all of those people who visit your facility

an unforgettable experience of comfort they have never experienced before

Remote control -
an essential part of your business

The possibility of remote management of access to hotel rooms and suites is a key element of your business. An element that allows you to optimise and automate processes carried out in the case of both long-term and short-term rentals.


Management platform

Thanks to full integration of access control locks with the KOHER BMS management platform, you gain new possibilities for remote control of access to rented rooms and facilities. The combination of innovative technology with global management allows you to remotely deliver electronic keys to your customers, thereby, eliminating the need for frequent or additional visits to the facilities.