Controller S1M32R0504-IP

Opis produktu

The S1M32R0504-IP controller is the main element of the automation and access control system of the KOHER technology, designed for building control applications.

The device has its own data processing system with program memory and is responsible for supervising the operation of the extension components connected to the KOHER-BUS communication bus.

The controller is equipped with the ports of the input system and the actuator as well as the inter-module communication bus designed to supervise all system control panels and I / O extension modules.

Funkcje systemu


Controller configuration

The controller configuration is carried out using the dedicated KOHER BINDER software after prior installation of the software platform on the local computer of the system installer.


Thanks to the appropriate structure of the configuration software - programming of the automation and access control system has never been so easy. The use of the tree interface and the window platform enable quick and effective creation of relations between all inputs and outputs of individual modules installed in the system, taking into account complex and individual logical conditions.




Functions supported by the controller


  • programming the relationship between the inputs and outputs of individual devices connected to the controller, taking into account individual operating conditions,
  • integration of the automation system with external SATEL and JABLOTRON alarm systems in the communication layer,
  • management of the access control system with the ability to support up to 128 readers, 128 groups and 2000 users,
  • time functions,
  • control of outputs by changing the state of module inputs,
  • control of outputs by changing the state of other module outputs,
  • heating system,
  • control of external devices with KOHER-BUS / RS-232, KOHER-BUS / MODBUS-RTU communication gates,





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